CVS Invoice "Application Advice"

Transaction Set 824, Version 4010

Application Advice usage at CVS has been designed to relay any ‘Critical Error Messages’ to the Trading Partner that will affect the payment of Invoice(s) sent to CVS through the current EDI process.





The following segments will be received by CVS:

ISA – To start and identify an interchange of one or more functional group(s) and interchange related control segments.


GS – To indicate the beginning of a functional group and to provide control information.

ST - Transaction Set Header

BGN – Beginning Segment

N1 – Name

PER – Administrative Communications Contact

OT1 – Original Transaction Identification

DTM – Date/Time Reference

AMT – Monetary Amount

TED – Error Description

Please review possible error messages here.

Also Note - If you recieve any error messages your invoice will not be paid.

SE – Transaction Set Trailer




ISA 05 Receiver Transmission X(02) ZZ – Front Store
   06 Sender Transmission Code X(03) CVS




BGN 01 Transaction Set Purpose Code 99 ‘34’ Payment Declined
  02 Reference ID 9(12) Vendor number/date
  03 Date 8(9) CCYYMMDD
NI 01 Name of Receiving Company X(02) ‘TO’ Vendor
  02 Company Name X(60) Vendor Name
N1 01 Name of Sending Company X(02) ‘FR’
  02 Company Name X(12) ‘CVS/PHARMACY’
PER 01 Contact Functional Code X(02) ‘AA’
  02 Name X(12) ‘EDI HOT LINE’
  03 Communication Number Qualifier X(02) ‘TE’
  04 Phone Number X(12) ‘401-770-4475’
OT1 01 Application Acknowledgement Code X(02) ‘TR’ Transaction Set Reject
  02 Reference Identification Qualifier X(02) ‘TN’
  03 Reference Identification X(16) INVOICE NUMBER
  10 Transaction Set X(03) ‘810’
DTM 01 Date/Time Qualifier X(003) ‘003’ Invoice Date
  02 Invoice Date X(08) Date - CCYYMMDD
AMT 01 Amount Qualifier Code X(02) ‘OP’ Original Payment Total
  02 Monetary Amount 9(8)v99 Invoice Amount
TED 01 Application Error Condition Code X(3) ‘024’

Please review possible error messages.

Also Note - If you recieve any error messages your invoice will not be paid.