EDI 139 Segments and Elements for the Student Loan Guarantee Result Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
ANSI139SLStudent Loan Guarantee Result Finance

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The EDI 139 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
BGNBeginning SegmentHM011
GRGuarantee Result DetailHM012
DBDisbursement InformationHO0103
LMCode Source InformationHO114
LQIndustry Code IdentificationHM0105
IN2Individual Name Structure ComponentsHO057
IDBIndebtedness For Student LoansHO0108
DTPDate Or Time Or PeriodHO019
AMTMonetary Amount InformationHO10110
DTPDate Or Time Or PeriodHO0111
QTYQuantity InformationHO0112

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
BGN1Transaction Set Purpose CodeM22ID
BGN2Reference IdentificationM150AN
BGN5Time CodeO22ID
BGN6Reference IdentificationO150AN
BGN7Transaction Type CodeO22ID
BGN8Action CodeO12ID
BGN9Security Level CodeO22ID
GR1Loan Type CodeM12ID
GR2Loan Status CodeM12ID
GR3Date Time Period Format QualifierM23ID
GR4Date Time PeriodM135AN
GR5Date Time Period Format QualifierM23ID
GR6Date Time PeriodM135AN
GR7Date Time Period Format QualifierC23ID
GR8Date Time PeriodC135AN
GR9Monetary AmountO118R
GR10Interest RateC16R6
GR11Loan Rate Type CodeC11ID
GR12Interest RateO16R6
GR13Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
GR14Reference IdentificationO150AN
GR15Date Time Period Format QualifierC23ID
GR16Date Time PeriodC135AN
GR17Monetary AmountO118R
GR18Reference IdentificationO150AN
GR19Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
GR21Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
GR22Guarantee Amount Reduction CodeO12ID
DB1Date Time Period Format QualifierM23ID
DB2Date Time PeriodM135AN
DB3Monetary AmountM118R
DB4Monetary AmountO118R
DB5Monetary AmountO118R
DB6Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
LM1Agency Qualifier CodeM22ID
LM2Source SubqualifierO115AN
LQ1Code List Qualifier CodeO13ID
LQ2Industry CodeC130AN
ENT1Assigned NumberO16N0
ENT2Entity Identifier CodeC23ID
ENT3Identification Code QualifierC12ID
ENT4Identification CodeC280AN
ENT5Entity Identifier CodeC23ID
ENT6Identification Code QualifierC12ID
ENT7Identification CodeC280AN
ENT8Reference Identification QualifierC23ID
ENT9Reference IdentificationC150AN
IN21Name Component QualifierM22ID
IDB1Loan Type CodeM12ID
IDB2Amount Qualifier CodeM13ID
IDB3Monetary AmountM118R
IDB4Interest RateC16R6
IDB5Loan Rate Type CodeC11ID
DTP1Date/Time QualifierM33ID
DTP2Date Time Period Format QualifierM23ID
DTP3Date Time PeriodM135AN
AMT1Amount Qualifier CodeM13ID
AMT2Monetary AmountM118R
AMT3Credit/Debit Flag CodeO11ID
DTP1Date/Time QualifierM33ID
DTP2Date Time Period Format QualifierM23ID
DTP3Date Time PeriodM135AN
QTY1Quantity QualifierM22ID
QTY3Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeO22ID
QTY6Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeO22ID
QTY9Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeO22ID
QTY12Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeO22ID
QTY15Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeO22ID
QTY18Free-Form InformationC130AN

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