EDI 309 Segments and Elements for the Customs Manifest Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
ANSI309AQCustoms Manifest Transportation

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The EDI 309 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
M10Manifest Identifying InformationHM011
VEHVehicle InformationHO0102
CIIConveyance Insurance InformationHO033
NM1Individual Or Organizational NameHO99914
DMGDemographic InformationHO015
DMAAdditional Demographic InformationHO016
REFReference InformationHO027
N3Party LocationHO028
N4Geographic LocationHO019
P4Port InformationHM20110
LXTransaction Set Line NumberHM9999111
M13Manifest Amendment DetailsHO0112
M11Manifest Bill Of Lading DetailsHO0113
N9Extended Reference InformationHO099914
N1Party IdentificationHO20115
N3Party LocationHO0216
N4Geographic LocationHO0117
DTMDate/Time ReferenceHO0118
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0119
X1Export LicenseHO0120
M12In-Bond Identifying InformationHO1121
R4Port Or TerminalHO01022
VIDConveyance IdentificationHO999123
M7Seal NumbersHO0524
N10Quantity And DescriptionHO999125
VCMotor Vehicle ControlHO099926
MANMarks And Numbers InformationHO099927
H1Hazardous MaterialHO99128
H2Additional Hazardous Material DescriptionHO09929

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
M101Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
M102Transportation Method/Type CodeM12ID
M103Country CodeM23ID
M104Vessel CodeC18ID
M105Vessel NameC228AN
M106Flight/Voyage NumberM210AN
M107Reference IdentificationO150AN
M109Manifest Type CodeO11ID
M1010Vessel Code QualifierC11ID
M1011Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
M1012Reference IdentificationO150AN
M1013Transaction Set Purpose CodeO22ID
M1014Application TypeO22ID
VEH1Assigned NumberO16N0
VEH2Vehicle Identification NumberO130AN
VEH4Agency Qualifier CodeC22ID
VEH5Reference IdentificationC150AN
VEH6Reference IdentificationO150AN
VEH7Reference IdentificationC150AN
VEH9Reference IdentificationO150AN
VEH10State Or Province CodeO22ID
VEH11Location IdentifierO130AN
VEH12Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
VEH14Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
VEH16Action CodeO12ID
VEH17Country CodeO23ID
VEH19Country CodeC23ID
CII2Reference IdentificationM150AN
CII4Currency CodeM33ID
NM11Entity Identifier CodeM23ID
NM12Entity Type QualifierM11ID
NM13Name Last Or Organization NameC160AN
NM14Name FirstO135AN
NM15Name MiddleO125AN
NM16Name PrefixO110AN
NM17Name SuffixO110AN
NM18Identification Code QualifierC12ID
NM19Identification CodeC280AN
NM110Entity Relationship CodeC22ID
NM111Entity Identifier CodeO23ID
NM112Name Last Or Organization NameO160AN
DMG1Date Time Period Format QualifierC23ID
DMG2Date Time PeriodC135AN
DMG3Gender CodeO11ID
DMG4Marital Status CodeO11ID
DMG5Race Or Ethnicity CodeC11ID
DMG6Code List Qualifier CodeC13ID
DMG7Industry CodeC130AN
DMG8Citizenship Status CodeO12ID
DMG9Country CodeO23ID
DMG10Basis Of Verification CodeO12ID
DMG12Code List Qualifier CodeC13ID
DMG13Industry CodeC130AN
DMA1Reference IdentificationO150AN
DMA2State Or Province CodeO22ID
DMA3Reference IdentificationC150AN
DMA4State Or Province CodeC22ID
DMA5Applicant Type CodeO11ID
DMA6Code For Licensing, Certification, Registration, Or AccreditationC12ID
DMA7Country CodeC23ID
DMA8Language CodeO23ID
DMA9Status CodeO22ID
DMA10City NameO230AN
DMA13Measurement Unit QualifierC11ID
DMA15Weight Unit CodeC11ID
DMA18Country CodeO23ID
REF1Reference Identification QualifierM23ID
REF2Reference IdentificationC150AN
REF4Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
REF5Reference IdentificationO150AN
REF6Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
REF7Reference IdentificationO150AN
REF8Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
REF9Reference IdentificationO150AN
N31Address InformationM155AN
N32Address InformationO155AN
N41City NameO230AN
N42State Or Province CodeC22ID
N43Postal CodeO315ID
N44Country CodeC23ID
N45Location QualifierC12ID
N46Location IdentifierO130AN
N47Country Subdivision CodeC13ID
P41Location IdentifierM130AN
P44Location IdentifierO130AN
LX1Assigned NumberM16N0
M131Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
M132Location IdentifierM130AN
M133Amendment Type CodeO11ID
M134Bill Of Lading/Waybill NumberM125AN
M136Amendment CodeO22ID
M137Action CodeO12ID
M138Bill Of Lading/Waybill NumberC125AN
M139Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
M1310Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
M1311Identification Code QualifierC12ID
M1312Identification CodeC280AN
M111Bill Of Lading/Waybill NumberM125AN
M112Location IdentifierM130AN
M114Manifest Unit CodeC13ID
M116Weight Unit CodeC11ID
M118Volume Unit QualifierC11ID
M119Bill Of Lading Type CodeO22ID
M1110Place Of Receipt By Pre-CarrierO117AN
M1111Bill Of Lading/Waybill NumberC125AN
M1112Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
M1113Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
M1114Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
M1115Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
M1116Shipper's Export Declaration RequirementsO12AN
M1117Export Exception CodeO22ID
M1118Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
M1119Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
M1120Location IdentifierO130AN
M1121Location IdentifierO130AN
M1122Transportation Method/Type CodeO12ID
M1123Payment Method CodeO33ID
M1124Industry CodeO130AN
N91Reference Identification QualifierM23ID
N92Reference IdentificationC150AN
N93Free-Form DescriptionC145AN
N96Time CodeO22ID
N97Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N98Reference IdentificationO150AN
N99Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N910Reference IdentificationO150AN
N911Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N912Reference IdentificationO150AN
N11Entity Identifier CodeM23ID
N13Identification Code QualifierC12ID
N14Identification CodeC280AN
N15Entity Relationship CodeO22ID
N16Entity Identifier CodeO23ID
N31Address InformationM155AN
N32Address InformationO155AN
N41City NameO230AN
N42State Or Province CodeC22ID
N43Postal CodeO315ID
N44Country CodeC23ID
N45Location QualifierC12ID
N46Location IdentifierO130AN
N47Country Subdivision CodeC13ID
DTM1Date/Time QualifierM33ID
DTM4Time CodeO22ID
DTM5Date Time Period Format QualifierC23ID
DTM6Date Time PeriodC135AN
PER1Contact Function CodeM22ID
PER3Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER4Communication NumberC1256AN
PER5Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER6Communication NumberC1256AN
PER7Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER8Communication NumberC1256AN
PER9Contact Inquiry ReferenceO120AN
X11Code For Licensing, Certification, Registration, Or AccreditationO12ID
X12Export License NumberO635AN
X13Export License Status CodeO11ID
X15Export License Symbol CodeO12ID
X16Export License Control CodeO11ID
X17Country CodeO23ID
X18Schedule B CodeO710ID
X19International/Domestic CodeO11ID
X110Lading QuantityO17N0
X111Lading ValueO29R9
X112Export Filing Key CodeO11ID
X113Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeO22ID
X114Unit PriceO117R
X115U.S. Government License TypeO11AN
X116Identification CodeO280AN
X117Location IdentifierO130AN
M121Customs Entry Type CodeM22ID
M122Customs Entry NumberC115AN
M123Location IdentifierO130AN
M124Location IdentifierO130AN
M125Customs Shipment ValueO28AN
M126In-Bond Control NumberC125AN
M127Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
M128Reference Identification QualifierC23ID
M129Reference IdentificationC150AN
M1210Transportation Method/Type CodeC12ID
M1211Vessel NameC228AN
R41Port Or Terminal Function CodeM11ID
R42Location QualifierC12ID
R43Location IdentifierC130AN
R44Port NameO224AN
R45Country CodeO23ID
R46Terminal NameO230AN
R47Pier NumberO14AN
R48State Or Province CodeO22ID
VID1Equipment Description CodeM22ID
VID2Equipment InitialO14AN
VID3Equipment NumberM115AN
VID4Seal NumberO215AN
VID5Seal NumberO215AN
VID6Equipment LengthO45N0
VID9Equipment TypeO44ID
VID10Load/Empty Status CodeO11ID
VID11Type Of Service CodeO22ID
VID12Location IdentifierO130AN
VID13Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
M71Seal NumberM215AN
M72Seal NumberO215AN
M73Seal NumberO215AN
M74Seal NumberO215AN
M75Entity Identifier CodeO23ID
N102Free-Form DescriptionO145AN
N103Marks And NumbersO148AN
N104Commodity Code QualifierC11ID
N105Commodity CodeC130AN
N106Customs Shipment ValueC28AN
N107Weight Unit CodeC11ID
N109Reference IdentificationO150AN
N1010Manifest Unit CodeO13ID
N1011Country CodeO23ID
N1012Country CodeO23ID
N1013Currency CodeC33ID
VC1Vehicle Identification NumberM130AN
VC2Vehicle Deck Position CodeO22ID
VC3Vehicle Type CodeO11ID
VC4Dealer CodeO29AN
VC5Route CodeO113AN
VC6Bay LocationO16AN
VC7Automotive Manufacturers CodeO22ID
VC8Damage Exception IndicatorO11ID
VC9Supplemental Inspection CodeO11ID
VC10Factory Car Order NumberO610AN
VC11Vessel Stowage LocationO112AN
VC12Equipment Orientation CodeO11ID
VC13Location IdentifierO130AN
MAN1Marks And Numbers QualifierM12ID
MAN2Marks And NumbersM148AN
MAN3Marks And NumbersO148AN
MAN4Marks And Numbers QualifierC12ID
MAN5Marks And NumbersC148AN
MAN6Marks And NumbersO148AN
H11Hazardous Material CodeM410AN
H12Hazardous Material Class CodeO14AN
H13Hazardous Material Code QualifierO11ID
H14Hazardous Material DescriptionO230AN
H15Hazardous Material ContactO124AN
H16Hazardous Materials PageO16AN
H17Flashpoint TemperatureC13N0
H18Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeC22ID
H19Packing Group CodeO13ID
H21Hazardous Material DescriptionM230AN
H22Hazardous Material ClassificationO130AN

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