EDI 429 Segments and Elements for the Railroad Retirement Activity Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
ANSI429RURailroad Retirement Activity Transportation

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The EDI 429 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
RU1Retirement Board DetailHO09991
RU2Employing Carrier ResponseHO99912
RU3Employing Carrier Claim ProfileHO013
NTENote/Special InstructionHO024

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
RU11Rail Retirement Activity CodeM11ID
RU12Reference IdentificationM150AN
RU14Reference IdentificationO150AN
RU16Employment CodeO11ID
RU17Unemployed Reason CodeO11ID
RU19Claim ProfileO1414AN
RU21Rail Retirement Activity CodeM11ID
RU22Reference IdentificationM150AN
RU24Employment Status CodeC22ID
RU26Frequency CodeC11ID
RU32Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU33Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU34Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU35Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU36Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU37Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU38Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU39Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU310Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU311Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU312Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU313Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU314Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU315Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU316Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU317Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU318Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU319Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU320Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU321Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU322Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU323Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU324Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU325Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU326Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU327Wages Paid CodeC11ID
RU328Payroll Status CodeC22ID
RU329Wages Paid CodeC11ID
NTE1Note Reference CodeO33ID

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