EDI 437 Segments and Elements for the Railroad Junctions And Interchanges Activity Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommitteeStandard
ANSI437RVRailroad Junctions And Interchanges Activity TransportationDownload

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The EDI 437 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
BJFBeginning Segment Railroad Junctions And Interchanges Update ActiHM011
DTMDate/Time ReferenceHM0102
JCTRailroad Junction InformationHO013
JSRail Junction Settlement Role InformationHO214
DTMDate/Time ReferenceHO025
SIDStandard Transportation Commodity Code IdentificationHO0206

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
BJF1Transaction Set Purpose CodeM22ID
BJF2Transaction Type CodeM22ID
BJF3Rule 260 Junction CodeM15ID
BJF4Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
BJF5City NameC230AN
BJF6State Or Province CodeC22ID
BJF7Country CodeO23ID
DTM1Date/Time QualifierM33ID
DTM4Time CodeO22ID
DTM5Date Time Period Format QualifierC23ID
DTM6Date Time PeriodC135AN
JCT1Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
JCT2Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
JCT3Freight Station Accounting CodeM15ID
JCT4Freight Station Accounting CodeM15ID
JCT5Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
JCT6Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
JCT7Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeM11ID
JCT8Interchange Type CodeM11ID
JCT9Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeM11ID
JS1Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
JS2Rail Junction Settlement Role CodeM11ID
JS3Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
JS4Rail Junction Settlement Role CodeM11ID
DTM1Date/Time QualifierM33ID
DTM4Time CodeO22ID
DTM5Date Time Period Format QualifierC23ID
DTM6Date Time PeriodC135AN
SID1Commodity Code QualifierM11ID
SID2Commodity CodeM130AN
SID3Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
SID5Rating Summary Value CodeO12ID
SID6Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID

Official Definition:
Data contents of the Railroad Junctions and Interchanges Activity Transaction Set (437) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. This transaction set allows the Railroad Industry Reference File central site to communicate junction and interchange update activity to subscribers. This information would include the creation and expiration of interchange agreements.

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