EDI 455 Segments and Elements for the Railroad Parameter Trace Registration Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
ANSI455PBRailroad Parameter Trace Registration Transportation

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The EDI 455 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
BTCBeginning Segment For Parameter Trace RegistrationHM011
DTPDate Or Time Or PeriodHO012
EDEquipment DescriptionHO05000003
BLRTransportation Carrier IdentificationHO054
N9Extended Reference InformationHO015
V9Event DetailHO0996
LXTransaction Set Line NumberHO9917
PRMBasic Trace ParametersHO018
N1Party IdentificationHO019
F9Origin StationHO0110
D9Destination StationHO0111
N4Geographic LocationHO0112

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
BTC1Transaction Set Purpose CodeM22ID
BTC2Parameter Trace Registration Type CodeM11ID
BTC3Parameter Trace Type CodeM11ID
BTC4Output Event Selection CodeM11ID
BTC5Reference IdentificationM150AN
BTC6Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
BTC7Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
BTC8Yes/No Condition Or Response CodeO11ID
BTC10Identification CodeO280AN
BTC11Association Of American Railroads (Aar) Pool CodeO77ID
BTC12Industry CodeO130AN
DTP1Date/Time QualifierM33ID
DTP2Date Time Period Format QualifierM23ID
DTP3Date Time PeriodM135AN
ED1Equipment InitialM14AN
ED2Equipment NumberM115AN
ED3Load/Empty Status CodeO11ID
ED4Commodity CodeO130AN
ED5Lading DescriptionO150AN
ED6Waybill NumberO16N0
ED7Equipment NumberO115AN
BLR1Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
N91Reference Identification QualifierM23ID
N92Reference IdentificationC150AN
N93Free-Form DescriptionC145AN
N96Time CodeO22ID
N97Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N98Reference IdentificationO150AN
N99Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N910Reference IdentificationO150AN
N911Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N912Reference IdentificationO150AN
V91Event CodeM33ID
V95City NameC230AN
V96State Or Province CodeO22ID
V97Country CodeO23ID
V98Status Reason CodeO33ID
V99Standard Point Location CodeC69ID
V911Train Delay Reason CodeC23AN
V912Free-Form InformationO130AN
V913Time CodeO22ID
V915Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
V916Total EquipmentO13N0
V917Total EquipmentO13N0
V918Total EquipmentO13N0
LX1Assigned NumberM16N0
PRM1Car Type CodeO14ID
PRM2Load/Empty Status CodeO11ID
PRM3Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
PRM4Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
PRM5Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
PRM6Commodity CodeO130AN
PRM7Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
PRM8Standard Carrier Alpha CodeC24ID
PRM9Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
PRM10Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
PRM11Transportation Condition CodeO11ID
PRM12Association Of American Railroads Car Grade CodeO11ID
PRM13Intermodal Service CodeO12ID
N11Entity Identifier CodeM23ID
N13Identification Code QualifierC12ID
N14Identification CodeC280AN
N15Entity Relationship CodeO22ID
N16Entity Identifier CodeO23ID
F91Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
F92City NameM230AN
F93State Or Province CodeM22ID
F94Country CodeO23ID
F95Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
F96City NameO230AN
F97State Or Province CodeO22ID
F98Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
F99Postal CodeO315ID
F910Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
F911Postal CodeO315ID
F912Country CodeO23ID
D91Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
D92City NameM230AN
D93State Or Province CodeM22ID
D94Country CodeO23ID
D95Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
D96City NameO230AN
D97State Or Province CodeO22ID
D98Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
D99Postal CodeO315ID
D910Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
D911Postal CodeO315ID
D912Country CodeO23ID
N41City NameO230AN
N42State Or Province CodeC22ID
N43Postal CodeO315ID
N44Country CodeC23ID
N45Location QualifierC12ID
N46Location IdentifierO130AN
N47Country Subdivision CodeC13ID

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