EDI 470 Segments and Elements for the Railroad Clearance Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommitteeStandard
ANSI470RBRailroad Clearance TransportationDownload

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The EDI 470 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
BGNBeginning SegmentHM011
N9Extended Reference InformationHM0102
F9Origin StationHM013
D9Destination StationHM014
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO035
H3Special Handling InstructionsHO0206
R2Route InformationHO0137
LETLoad And Equipment TypeHO15018
N7Equipment DetailsHO0111
L10Weight InformationHO0112
AMTMonetary Amount InformationHO0113
LXTransaction Set Line NumberHM5114
NTENote/Special InstructionHO01015
L5Description, Marks And NumbersHO01516
N1Party IdentificationHO5117
N2Additional Name InformationHO0118
N3Party LocationHO0119
N4Geographic LocationHO0120
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0121

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
BGN1Transaction Set Purpose CodeM22ID
BGN2Reference IdentificationM150AN
BGN5Time CodeO22ID
BGN6Reference IdentificationO150AN
BGN7Transaction Type CodeO22ID
BGN8Action CodeO12ID
BGN9Security Level CodeO22ID
N91Reference Identification QualifierM23ID
N92Reference IdentificationC150AN
N93Free-Form DescriptionC145AN
N96Time CodeO22ID
N97Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N98Reference IdentificationO150AN
N99Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N910Reference IdentificationO150AN
N911Reference Identification QualifierO23ID
N912Reference IdentificationO150AN
F91Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
F92City NameM230AN
F93State Or Province CodeM22ID
F94Country CodeO23ID
F95Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
F96City NameO230AN
F97State Or Province CodeO22ID
F98Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
F99Postal CodeO315ID
F910Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
F911Postal CodeO315ID
F912Country CodeO23ID
D91Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
D92City NameM230AN
D93State Or Province CodeM22ID
D94Country CodeO23ID
D95Freight Station Accounting CodeO15ID
D96City NameO230AN
D97State Or Province CodeO22ID
D98Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
D99Postal CodeO315ID
D910Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
D911Postal CodeO315ID
D912Country CodeO23ID
PER1Contact Function CodeM22ID
PER3Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER4Communication NumberC1256AN
PER5Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER6Communication NumberC1256AN
PER7Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER8Communication NumberC1256AN
PER9Contact Inquiry ReferenceO120AN
H31Special Handling CodeC23ID
H32Special Handling DescriptionC230AN
H33Protective Service CodeO14ID
H34Vent Instruction CodeO17ID
H35Tariff Application CodeO11ID
R21Standard Carrier Alpha CodeM24ID
R22Routing Sequence CodeM12ID
R23City NameO230AN
R24Standard Point Location CodeO69ID
R25Intermodal Service CodeO12ID
R26Transportation Method/Type CodeO12ID
R27Intermediate Switch CarrierC24ID
R28Intermediate Switch CarrierO24ID
R29Invoice NumberO122AN
R211Free-Form DescriptionO145AN
R212Type Of Service CodeO22ID
R213Route DescriptionO135AN
LET1Surface/Layer/Position CodeO22ID
LET2Equipment Description CodeC22ID
LET3Shape CodeO12ID
LET4Car Type CodeC14ID
MEA1Measurement Reference Id CodeO22ID
MEA2Measurement QualifierO13ID
MEA3Measurement ValueC120R
MEA4Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeC22ID
MEA7Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeC22ID
MEA10Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeC22ID
MEA13Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeC22ID
MEA16Unit Or Basis For Measurement CodeC22ID
MEA19Range MinimumC120R
MEA20Range MaximumC120R
MEA21Measurement Significance CodeO22ID
MEA22Measurement Attribute CodeC22ID
MEA23Surface/Layer/Position CodeO22ID
MEA24Measurement Method Or DeviceO24ID
MEA25Code List Qualifier CodeC13ID
MEA26Industry CodeC130AN
L44Measurement Unit QualifierM11ID
L46Industry CodeO130AN
N71Equipment InitialO14AN
N72Equipment NumberM115AN
N74Weight QualifierC12ID
N75Tare WeightC38N0
N76Weight AllowanceO26N0
N79Volume Unit QualifierC11ID
N710Ownership CodeO11ID
N711Equipment Description CodeO22ID
N712Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
N713Temperature ControlO36AN
N715Equipment LengthO45N0
N716Tare Qualifier CodeC11ID
N717Weight Unit CodeO11ID
N718Equipment Number Check DigitO11N0
N719Type Of Service CodeO22ID
N722Equipment TypeO44ID
N723Standard Carrier Alpha CodeO24ID
N724Car Type CodeO14ID
L102Weight QualifierM12ID
L103Weight Unit CodeO11ID
AMT1Amount Qualifier CodeM13ID
AMT2Monetary AmountM118R
AMT3Credit/Debit Flag CodeO11ID
LX1Assigned NumberM16N0
NTE1Note Reference CodeO33ID
L51Lading Line Item NumberO13N0
L52Lading DescriptionO150AN
L53Commodity CodeC130AN
L54Commodity Code QualifierC11ID
L55Packaging CodeO35AN
L56Marks And NumbersC148AN
L57Marks And Numbers QualifierO12ID
L58Commodity Code QualifierC11ID
L59Commodity CodeC130AN
L510Compartment Id CodeO11ID
N11Entity Identifier CodeM23ID
N13Identification Code QualifierC12ID
N14Identification CodeC280AN
N15Entity Relationship CodeO22ID
N16Entity Identifier CodeO23ID
N31Address InformationM155AN
N32Address InformationO155AN
N41City NameO230AN
N42State Or Province CodeC22ID
N43Postal CodeO315ID
N44Country CodeC23ID
N45Location QualifierC12ID
N46Location IdentifierO130AN
N47Country Subdivision CodeC13ID
PER1Contact Function CodeM22ID
PER3Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER4Communication NumberC1256AN
PER5Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER6Communication NumberC1256AN
PER7Communication Number QualifierC22ID
PER8Communication NumberC1256AN
PER9Contact Inquiry ReferenceO120AN

Official Definition:
Data contents of the Rail Clearance Transaction Set (470) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to provide the means to request or respond to clearances for dimensional and heavy shipments by Rail.

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