EDI BOPINF Segments and Elements for the Balance Of Payment Information From Customer Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
UN/EDIFACTBOPINF Balance Of Payment Information From CustomerEDIFACT

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The EDI BOPINF Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
BGMBeginning Of MessageHM011
NADName And AddressHM215
CTAContact InformationHC016
COMCommunication ContactHC057
LINLine ItemHC99918
RCSRequirements And ConditionsHC10111
FTXFree TextHC01012
MOAMonetary AmountHC0113
LOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0414
AUTAuthentication ResultHC1115

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
BGM1Document/Message Name, CodedC13ID
BGM2Code List QualifierC13ID
BGM3Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
BGM4Document/Message NameC135AN
BGM5Document/Message NumberC135AN
BGM7Revision NumberC16AN
BGM8Message Function, CodedC13ID
BGM9Response Type, CodedC13ID
DTM1Date/Time/Period QualifierM13ID
DTM3Date/Time/Period Format QualifierM13ID
RFF1Reference QualifierM13ID
RFF2Reference NumberM135AN
RFF3Line NumberM16AN
RFF4Reference Version NumberM135AN
DTM1Date/Time/Period QualifierM13ID
DTM3Date/Time/Period Format QualifierM13ID
NAD1Party QualifierM13ID
NAD2Party IdentificationC135AN
NAD3Code List QualifierC13ID
NAD4Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
NAD5Name And Address LineC135AN
NAD6Name And Address LineC135AN
NAD7Name And Address LineC135AN
NAD8Name And Address LineC135AN
NAD9Name And Address LineC135AN
NAD10Party NameC135AN
NAD11Party NameC135AN
NAD12Party NameC135AN
NAD13Party NameC135AN
NAD14Party NameC135AN
NAD15Party Name Format, CodedC13ID
NAD16Street And Number/P.O. BoxC135AN
NAD17Street And Number/P.O. BoxC135AN
NAD18Street And Number/P.O. BoxC135AN
NAD19Street And Number/P.O. BoxC135AN
NAD20City NameC135AN
NAD21Country Sub-Entity IdentificationC19AN
NAD22Postcode IdentificationC19AN
NAD23Country, CodedC13ID
CTA1Contact Function, CodedC13ID
CTA2Department Or Employee IdentificationC117AN
CTA3Department Or EmployeeC135AN
COM1Communication NumberM1512AN
COM2Communication Channel QualifierM13ID
LIN1Line Item NumberC16AN
LIN2Action Request/Notification, CodedC13ID
LIN3Item NumberC135AN
LIN4Item Number Type, CodedC13ID
LIN5Code List QualifierC13ID
LIN6Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
LIN7Sub-Line Indicator, CodedC13ID
LIN8Line Item NumberC16AN
LIN9Configuration LevelC12N0
LIN10Configuration, CodedC13ID
RFF1Reference QualifierM13ID
RFF2Reference NumberM135AN
RFF3Line NumberM16AN
RFF4Reference Version NumberM135AN
DTM1Date/Time/Period QualifierM13ID
DTM3Date/Time/Period Format QualifierM13ID
RCS1Sector/Subject Identification QualifierM13ID
RCS2Requirement/Condition IdentificationC117AN
RCS3Code List QualifierC13ID
RCS4Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
RCS5Requirement Or ConditionC135AN
RCS6Action Request/Notification, CodedC13ID
FTX1Text Subject QualifierM13ID
FTX2Text Function, CodedC13ID
FTX3Free Text IdentificationC117AN
FTX4Code List QualifierC13ID
FTX5Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
FTX6Free TextC170AN
FTX7Free TextC170AN
FTX8Free TextC170AN
FTX9Free TextC170AN
FTX10Free TextC170AN
FTX11Language, CodedC13AN
MOA1Monetary Amount Type QualifierM13ID
MOA2Monetary AmountM118R
MOA3Currency, CodedM13AN
MOA4Currency QualifierM13ID
MOA5Status, CodedM13ID
LOC1Place/Location QualifierM13ID
LOC2Place/Location IdentificationC125AN
LOC3Code List QualifierC13ID
LOC4Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
LOC6Related Place/Location One IdentificationC125AN
LOC7Code List QualifierC13ID
LOC8Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
LOC9Related Place/Location OneC170AN
LOC10Related Place/Location Two IdentificationC125AN
LOC11Code List QualifierC13ID
LOC12Code List Responsible Agency, CodedC13ID
LOC13Related Place/Location TwoC170AN
LOC14Relation, CodedC13AN
AUT1Validation ResultM135AN
AUT2Validation Key IdentificationC135AN
DTM1Date/Time/Period QualifierM13ID
DTM3Date/Time/Period Format QualifierM13ID

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