EDI DOCINF Documentary Credit Issuance Information Message Document Solutions

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommitteeStandard
UN/EDIFACTDOCINF Documentary Credit Issuance Information Message Download

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Research and Development:
The Jobisez.com site has an online translation tool that converts the EDI DOCINF (Documentary Credit Issuance Information Message) document into a CSV file. You can also gain knowledge by researching all EDI document types. Jobisez LLC can also provide assistance if you need additional help.

Are you looking to trade the EDI DOCINF transaction with one of your trading partners? Do you need an EDI VAN Savings solution to exchange the DOCINF? Or perhaps you would like to use a Cloud-Based application, so you can plug your DOCINF transaction directly into your ERP and TMS systems. Even small companies have the ability to trade the EDI DOCINF by using the EDI Mobile Device solution.

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 SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
ViewBGMBeginning Of MessageHM011
ViewBUSBusiness FunctionHC014
ViewINPParties And InstructionHC0105
ViewFCAFinancial Charges AllocationHC036
ViewFTXFree TextHC0207
ViewFIIFinancial Institution InformationHM918
ViewCTAContact InformationHC0110
ViewCOMCommunication ContactHC0511
ViewNADName And AddressHC9112
ViewCTAContact InformationHC0114
ViewCOMCommunication ContactHC0515
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0117
ViewMOAMonetary AmountHM5118
ViewALCAllowance Or ChargeHC1119
ViewPCDPercentage DetailsHC0220
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC3121
ViewPAIPayment InstructionsHC1123
ViewFIIFinancial Institution InformationHC0124
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0125
ViewPATPayment Terms BasisHC5126
ViewFIIFinancial Institution InformationHC0127
ViewMOAMonetary AmountHC0129
ViewPCDPercentage DetailsHC0130
ViewFTXFree TextHC0131
ViewTODTerms Of DeliveryHC1132
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0133
ViewTSRTransport Service RequirementsHC1134
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0535
ViewINPParties And InstructionHC5136
ViewFTXFree TextHC0137
ViewFTXFree TextHC0241
ViewDOCDocument/Message DetailsHC20142
ViewMOAMonetary AmountHC0143
ViewPCDPercentage DetailsHC0144
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0145
ViewFTXFree TextHC0146
ViewICDInsurance Cover DescriptionHC20147
ViewFTXFree TextHC0949
ViewALIAdditional InformationHC9150
ViewNADName And AddressHC3151
ViewCTAContact InformationHC0152
ViewCOMCommunication ContactHC0553
ViewAUTAuthentication ResultHC1154

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