If you have a EDIFACT transaction and you cannot read the EDI format, try the Online Translation tool. The tool will translate any EDIFACT EDI transaction set into a CSV spreadsheet. After using the tool, the spreadsheet will be emailed to you. You can also view that spreadsheet by using the Online Viewer. If you need more of an automated process, determine which EDI Solution(s) can help plug your EDI data into your back office systems automatically.

EDIFACT Mapping Specifications and Implementation Guidelines
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EDI StandardView DocumentDocument Description
About APERAKsGuidelineAPERAK Application Error And Acknowledgement
About AUTACKsGuidelineAUTACK Secure Authentication And Acknowledgement Message
About AUTHORsGuidelineAUTHOR Authorization Message
About BANSTAsGuidelineBANSTA Banking Status
About BAPLIEsGuidelineBAPLIE Bayplan/Stowage Plan Occupied And Empty Locations M
About BAPLTEsGuidelineBAPLTE Bayplan/Stowage Plan Total Numbers
About BOPBNKsGuidelineBOPBNK Bank Transactions And Portfolio Transactions Report
About BOPCUSsGuidelineBOPCUS Balance Of Payment Customer Transaction Report
About BOPDIRsGuidelineBOPDIR Direct Balance Of Payment Declaration
About BOPINFsGuidelineBOPINF Balance Of Payment Information From Customer
About CALINFsGuidelineCALINF Call Info
About CASINTsGuidelineCASINT Request For Legal Administration Action In Civil Pr
About CASRESsGuidelineCASRES Legal Administration Response In Civil Proceeding
About COARRIsGuidelineCOARRI Container Discharge/Loading Report
About CODECOsGuidelineCODECO Container Gate-In/Gate-Out Report
About CODENOsGuidelineCODENO Permit Expiration/Clearance Ready Notice
About COEDORsGuidelineCOEDOR Container Stock Report
About COHAORsGuidelineCOHAOR Container Special Handling Order
About COLREQsGuidelineCOLREQ Request For A Documentary Collection
About COMDISsGuidelineCOMDIS Commercial Dispute
About CONAPWsGuidelineCONAPW Advice On Pending Works
About CONDPVsGuidelineCONDPV Direct Payment Valuation Message
About CONDRAsGuidelineCONDRA Drawing Administration
About CONDROsGuidelineCONDRO Drawing Organization
About CONESTsGuidelineCONEST Establishment Of Contract Message
About CONITTsGuidelineCONITT Invitation To Tender Message
About CONPVAsGuidelineCONPVA Payment Valuation Message
About CONQVAsGuidelineCONQVA Quantity Valuation Message
About CONRPWsGuidelineCONRPW Response Of Pending Works
About CONTENsGuidelineCONTEN Tender Message
About CONTRLsGuidelineCONTRL Edifact Control Message (Vers 2, Rel 2)
About CONWQDsGuidelineCONWQD Work Item Quantity Determination
About COPARNsGuidelineCOPARN Container Announcement
About COPINOsGuidelineCOPINO Container Pre-Notification
About COPRARsGuidelineCOPRAR Container Discharge/Loading Order
About COREORsGuidelineCOREOR Container Release Order
About COSTCOsGuidelineCOSTCO Container Stuffing/Stripping Confirmation
About COSTORsGuidelineCOSTOR Container Stuffing/Stripping Order
About CREADVsGuidelineCREADV Credit Advice Message
About CREEXTsGuidelineCREEXT Extended Credit Advice Message
About CREMULsGuidelineCREMUL Multiple Credit Advice
About CUSCARsGuidelineCUSCAR Customs Cargo Report Message
About CUSDECsGuidelineCUSDEC Customs Declaration Message
About CUSEXPsGuidelineCUSEXP Customs Express Consignment Declaration
About CUSPEDsGuidelineCUSPED Periodic Customs Declaration
About CUSREPsGuidelineCUSREP Customs Conveyance Report Message
About CUSRESsGuidelineCUSRES Customs Response Message
About DEBADVsGuidelineDEBADV Debit Advice Message
About DEBMULsGuidelineDEBMUL Multiple Debit Advice
About DELFORsGuidelineDELFOR Delivery Schedule Message
About DELJITsGuidelineDELJIT Delivery Just-In Time Message
About DESADVsGuidelineDESADV Despatch Advice Message
About DESTIMsGuidelineDESTIM Equipment Damage And Repair Estimate
About DGRECAsGuidelineDGRECA Dangerous Goods Recapitulation
About DIRDEBsGuidelineDIRDEB Direct Debit Message
About DIRDEFsGuidelineDIRDEF Directory Definition
About DOCADVsGuidelineDOCADV Documentary Credit Advice Message
About DOCAMAsGuidelineDOCAMA Advice Of An Amendment Of A Documentary Credit
About DOCAMIsGuidelineDOCAMI Documentary Credit Amendment Information
About DOCAMRsGuidelineDOCAMR Request For An Amendment Of A Documentary Credit
About DOCAPPsGuidelineDOCAPP Documentary Credit Application Message
About DOCAREsGuidelineDOCARE Response To An Amendment Of A Documentary Credit
About DOCINFsGuidelineDOCINF Documentary Credit Issuance Information Message
About FINCANsGuidelineFINCAN Financial Cancellation
About FINSTAsGuidelineFINSTA Financial Statement Of An Account
About GENRALsGuidelineGENRAL General Purpose
About HANMOVsGuidelineHANMOV Cargo/Goods Handling And Movement
About IFCSUMsGuidelineIFCSUM Forwarding And Consolidation Summary Message
About IFTCCAsGuidelineIFTCCA Forwarding And Transport Shipment Charge Calculation
About IFTDGNsGuidelineIFTDGN Dangerous Goods Notification
About IFTFCCsGuidelineIFTFCC International Transport Freight Costs & Other Charge
About IFTIAGsGuidelineIFTIAG Dangerous Cargo List
About IFTMANsGuidelineIFTMAN Arrival Notice
About IFTMBCsGuidelineIFTMBC Booking Confirmation Message
About IFTMBFsGuidelineIFTMBF Firm Booking Message
About IFTMBPsGuidelineIFTMBP Provisional Booking Message
About IFTMCSsGuidelineIFTMCS Instruction Contract Status Message
About IFTMINsGuidelineIFTMIN Instruction Message
About IFTRINsGuidelineIFTRIN Forwarding And Transport Rate Information Message
About IFTSAIsGuidelineIFTSAI Forwarding And Transport Schedule And Availability
About IFTSTAsGuidelineIFTSTA Cargo Status
About IFTSTQsGuidelineIFTSTQ International Multimodal Status
About INFENTsGuidelineINFENT Enterprise Accounting Information
About INSPREsGuidelineINSPRE Insurance Premium
About INVOICsGuidelineINVOIC Invoice Message
About INVRPTsGuidelineINVRPT Inventory Report Message
About ITRRPTsGuidelineITRRPT In Transit Report Detail
About JAPRESsGuidelineJAPRES Job Application Result
About JINFDEsGuidelineJINFDE Job Information Demand Message
About JOBAPPsGuidelineJOBAPP Job Application Proposal Message
About JOBCONsGuidelineJOBCON Job Order Confirmation Message
About JOBMODsGuidelineJOBMOD Job Order Modification Message
About JOBOFFsGuidelineJOBOFF Job Order Message
About LREACTsGuidelineLREACT Life Reinsurance Activity
About MEDPIDsGuidelineMEDPID Person Identification Message
About MEDREQsGuidelineMEDREQ Medical Service Request
About MEDRPTsGuidelineMEDRPT Medical Service Report
About MEDRUCsGuidelineMEDRUC Medical Resource Usage And Cost
About MEQPOSsGuidelineMEQPOS Means Of Transport And Equipment Position
About MOVINSsGuidelineMOVINS Stowage Instruction
About MSCONSsGuidelineMSCONS Metered Services Consumption Report
About ORDCHGsGuidelineORDCHG Purchase Order Change Request Message
About ORDERSsGuidelineORDERS Purchase Order Message
About ORDRSPsGuidelineORDRSP Purchase Order Response Message
About OSTENQsGuidelineOSTENQ Order Status Enquiry
About OSTRPTsGuidelineOSTRPT Order Status Report
About PARTINsGuidelinePARTIN Party Information Message
About PAXLSTsGuidelinePAXLST Passenger List Message
About PAYDUCsGuidelinePAYDUC Payroll Deductions Advice Message
About PAYEXTsGuidelinePAYEXT Extended Payment Order Message
About PAYMULsGuidelinePAYMUL Multiple Payment Order Message
About PAYORDsGuidelinePAYORD Payment Order Message
About PRICATsGuidelinePRICAT Price/Sales Catalogue Message
About PRIHISsGuidelinePRIHIS Pricing History
About PRODATsGuidelinePRODAT Product Data
About PRODEXsGuidelinePRODEX Product Exchange Reconciliation
About PROINQsGuidelinePROINQ Product Inquiry
About PRPAIDsGuidelinePRPAID Insurance Premium Payment
About QALITYsGuidelineQALITY Quality Data Message
About QUOTESsGuidelineQUOTES Quote Message
About REBORDsGuidelineREBORD Reinsurance Bordereau
About RECADVsGuidelineRECADV Receiving Advice
About RECALCsGuidelineRECALC Reinsurance Calculation
About RECECOsGuidelineRECECO Credit Risk Cover
About RECLAMsGuidelineRECLAM Reinsurance Claims
About REMADVsGuidelineREMADV Remittance Advice Message
About REPREMsGuidelineREPREM Reinsurance Premium
About REQDOCsGuidelineREQDOC Request For Document
About REQOTEsGuidelineREQOTE Request For Quote Message
About RESETTsGuidelineRESETT Reinsurance Settlement
About RESMSGsGuidelineRESMSG Reservation
About RETACCsGuidelineRETACC Reinsurance Technical Account
About RETANNsGuidelineRETANN Announcement For Returns
About RETINSsGuidelineRETINS Safety And Hazard Data
About SAFHAZsGuidelineSAFHAZ Safety And Hazard Data Message
About SANCRTsGuidelineSANCRT Sanitary/Phytosanitary Certificate
About SLSFCTsGuidelineSLSFCT Sales Forecast
About SLSRPTsGuidelineSLSRPT Sales Data Report
About SSIMODsGuidelineSSIMOD Modification Of Identity Details Message
About SSRECHsGuidelineSSRECH Worker's Insurance History Message
About SSREGWsGuidelineSSREGW Notification Of Registration Of A Worker
About STATACsGuidelineSTATAC Statement Of Account Message
About SUPCOTsGuidelineSUPCOT Superannuation Contributions Advice Message
About SUPMANsGuidelineSUPMAN Superannuation Maintenance Message
About SUPRESsGuidelineSUPRES Supplier Response
About TANSTAsGuidelineTANSTA Tank Status Report
About VATDECsGuidelineVATDEC Value Added Tax
About VESDEPsGuidelineVESDEP Vessel Departure
About WASDISsGuidelineWASDIS Waste Disposal Information
About WKGRDCsGuidelineWKGRDC Work Grant Decision Message
About WKGRREsGuidelineWKGRRE Work Grant Request Message

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