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If you have a Government transaction and you cannot read the EDI format, try the Online Translation tool. The tool will translate any Government EDI transaction set into a CSV spreadsheet. After using the tool, the spreadsheet will be emailed to you. You can also view that spreadsheet by using the Online Viewer. If you need more of an automated process, determine which EDI Solution(s) can help plug your EDI data into your back office systems automatically.

Government Mapping Specifications and Implementation Guidelines
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EDI StandardView DocumentDocument Description
About 103sGuideline103 Abandoned Property Filings
About 105sGuideline105 Business Entity Filings
About 113sGuideline113 Election Campaign And Lobbyist Reporting
About 149sGuideline149 Notice Of Tax Adjustment Or Assessment
About 150sGuideline150 Tax Rate Notification
About 151sGuideline151 Electronic Filing Of Tax Return Data Acknowledgment
About 152sGuideline152 Statistical Government Information
About 153sGuideline153 Unemployment Insurance Tax Claim Or Charge Information
About 154sGuideline154 Secured Interest Filing
About 157sGuideline157 Notice Of Power Of Attorney
About 158sGuideline158 Tax Jurisdiction Sourcing
About 175sGuideline175 Court And Law Enforcement Notice
About 176sGuideline176 Court Submission
About 179sGuideline179 Environmental Compliance Reporting
About 185sGuideline185 Royalty Regulatory Report
About 194sGuideline194 Grant Or Assistance Application
About 195sGuideline195 Federal Communications Commission (Fcc) License Application
About 196sGuideline196 Contractor Cost Data Reporting
About 249sGuideline249 Animal Toxicological Data
About 251sGuideline251 Pricing Support
About 280sGuideline280 Voter Registration Information
About 283sGuideline283 Tax Or Fee Exemption Certification
About 284sGuideline284 Commercial Vehicle Safety Reports
About 285sGuideline285 Commercial Vehicle Safety And Credentials Information
About 286sGuideline286 Commercial Vehicle Credentials
About 288sGuideline288 Wage Determination
About 500sGuideline500 Medical Event Reporting
About 501sGuideline501 Vendor Performance Review
About 511sGuideline511 Requisition
About 517sGuideline517 Material Obligation Validation
About 521sGuideline521 Income Or Asset Offset
About 527sGuideline527 Material Due-In And Receipt
About 536sGuideline536 Logistics Reassignment
About 540sGuideline540 Notice Of Employment Status
About 561sGuideline561 Contract Abstract
About 567sGuideline567 Contract Completion Status
About 568sGuideline568 Contract Payment Management Report
About 650sGuideline650 Maintenance Service Order
About 805sGuideline805 Contract Pricing Proposal
About 806sGuideline806 Project Schedule Reporting
About 813sGuideline813 Electronic Filing Of Tax Return Data
About 826sGuideline826 Tax Information Exchange
About 836sGuideline836 Procurement Notices
About 838sGuideline838 Trading Partner Profile
About 839sGuideline839 Project Cost Reporting
About 996sGuideline996 File Transfer

Do you need to transact EDI with Government? Are you looking to exchange documents with Government using an EDI VAN Savings solution. Or perhaps you would like to use a Cloud Based EDI application, so you can plug your Government transactions directly into your ERP and TMS systems. Even small companies can trade with Government using an EDI Web Browser solution.

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