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Below you will find a list of Mapping Specifications, Supplier Portal, Routing Guides, IGs, Interchange IDs, Transactions Sets and EDI Versions. If the answers you are looking for are not on this page, try the Kohls EDI Vendor Supplier Portal.

Do you need to transact EDI with Kohls? Are you looking to exchange EDI with Kohls using an EDI VAN. Or perhaps you would like to Outsource your EDI program to a 3rd party, so you can plug your Kohls transactions directly into your accounting system. Even small companies can trade EDI data with Kohls using an EDI Web solution. Click the above links to find out more information.

Kohls EDI
Routing Guides and Mapping Specs
EDI Transaction Sets

810 Invoice (Vendor Portal)
810 Invoice 4010VICS
810 Invoice Programmer's Reference Guide
816 Organization Relationships 4010VICSTranslate
820 Remittance Advice 4010VICS
850 Purchase Order 4010VICS
850 Purchase Order 4010VICS (Changes)
855 PO Acknowledgement 4010VICS
856 ASN Ship Notice/Manifest (Vendor Portal)
856 ASN Ship Notice/Manifest 4010VICS
860 PO Change 4010VICS
864 Text Messages 4010VICS
820Remittance Advice
850Purchase Order (PO)
855PO Acknowledgment
856Shipping Notice (ASN)
860PO Change (Buyer)
864Text Message

Interchange Segment Information

CompanyQual and IdISA-15ISA-16Seg Term
Kohls12*14147844480 P>~
Kohls12*14147844480 T>|

EDI Versions


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