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Create Excel Spreadsheet by Translating an EDI 852 (Product Activity)

This Online Tool allows you to "Browse" for an EDI 852 transaction set on your computer and create an Excel file by clicking "Create CSV" (but you 'Must Sign On' first). Then wait a couple of moments and your initial and translated files will be emailed to you. Upon the receipt of the email, you can then open the CSV file attachment using Excel. Within Excel you can then analyze your product activity data using the Excel tools you are already familiar with. Please verify that the data generated is correct. Also, Contact Us if you would like to see any upgrades to this program.

(Currently only works with 'ISA' interchanges; and the EDI data cannot be more than 250 KCs.)


Are you looking to trade EDI with one of your trading partners? Do you need an EDI VAN solution? Or perhaps you would like to Outsource your EDI program to a 3rd party. Even small companies can trade EDI data by using an EDI Web solution. Click the above links to find out more information.

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