EDI 404 Segments for the Rail Carrier Shipment Information Transaction Set

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
ANSI404SRRail Carrier Shipment Information Transportation

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Research and Development:
See the list of EDI 404 segments in below data grid. Click on the links in the 'Segments' column in the below data grid to view all of the Elements for for that Segment. The Jobisez.com site has an online translation tool that converts the EDI 404 (Rail Carrier Shipment Information) document into a CSV file. For more detailed information, you can view a sample EDI 404 document by analyzing a transaction set example. If you are researching the 404s, you can view other trading partner's mapping specifications. You can also gain knowledge by researching all EDI document types. Jobisez LLC can also provide assistance if you need additional help.

The EDI 404 Segments

Segment DetailsDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
ZC1Beginning Segment For Data Correction Or ChangeHO011
BXGeneral Shipment InformationHO012
BNXRail Shipment InformationHO013
N9Extended Reference InformationHM0305
CMCargo ManifestHO026
DTMDate/Time ReferenceHO058
N7Equipment DetailsHM50019
EMEquipment CharacteristicsHO0110
VCMotor Vehicle ControlHO36111
N1Party IdentificationHO2112
N3Party LocationHO0213
N4Geographic LocationHO0114
H3Special Handling InstructionsHO0115
M7Seal NumbersHO0516
N5Equipment OrderedHO0117
ICIntermodal Chassis EquipmentHO0118
IMIntermodal Movement InformationHO0119
M12In-Bond Identifying InformationHO0220
E1Empty Car Disposition - Pended Destination ConsigneeHO2121
E4Empty Car Disposition - Pended Destination CityHO0122
E5Empty Car Disposition - Pended Destination RouteHO01323
PIPrice Authority IdentificationHO0124
GACanadian Grain InformationHO01525
REFReference InformationHO99126
N10Quantity And DescriptionHO01527
N1Party IdentificationHO5128
N3Party LocationHO0129
N4Geographic LocationHO0130
NACross-Reference EquipmentHO01031
F9Origin StationHM0132
D9Destination StationHM0133
N1Party IdentificationHM15134
N2Additional Name InformationHO0235
N3Party LocationHO0236
N4Geographic LocationHO0137
REFReference InformationHO0238
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0239
BLBilling InformationHO01240
S1Stop-Off NameHO12141
S2Stop-Off AddressHO0242
S9Stop-Off StationHO0143
N1Party IdentificationHO0144
N2Additional Name InformationHO0145
N3Party LocationHO0146
N4Geographic LocationHO0147
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0148
R2Route InformationHO01349
R9Route Code IdentificationHO0150
E1Empty Car Disposition - Pended Destination ConsigneeHO2151
E4Empty Car Disposition - Pended Destination CityHO0152
E5Empty Car Disposition - Pended Destination RouteHO01353
PIPrice Authority IdentificationHO0154
H3Special Handling InstructionsHO02055
PSProtective Service InstructionsHO0556
LXTransaction Set Line NumberHM25157
L5Description, Marks And NumbersHM01558
L0Line Item - Quantity And WeightHO25159
L1Rate And ChargesHO01061
PIPrice Authority IdentificationHO03062
X1Export LicenseHO0663
T1Transit Inbound OriginHO64164
T2Transit Inbound LadingHO03065
T3Transit Inbound RouteHO01266
T6Transit Inbound RatesHO0167
T8Free-Form Transit DataHO09968
L3Total Weight And ChargesHO0169
LSLoop HeaderHO0170
LH1Hazardous Identification InformationHO1000171
LH2Hazardous Classification InformationHO0472
LH3Hazardous Material Shipping Name InformationHO01073
LFHFree-Form Hazardous Material InformationHO02074
LEPEpa Required DataHO0375
LH4Canadian Dangerous RequirementsHO0476
LHTTransborder Hazardous RequirementsHO0377
LHRHazardous Material Identifying Reference NumbersHO0578
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0579
N1Party IdentificationHO10180
N3Party LocationHO0281
N4Geographic LocationHO0182
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0283
LELoop TrailerHO0184
PERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0585
LH2Hazardous Classification InformationHO0686
LHRHazardous Material Identifying Reference NumbersHO0187
LH6Hazardous CertificationHO0588
XHPro Forma - B13 InformationHO0189
X7Customs InformationHO01090

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