EDI 993 Segments and Elements for the Secured Receipt Or Acknowledgment Standard

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommittee
ANSI993NRSecured Receipt Or Acknowledgment Communications & Controls

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The EDI 993 Segments and Elements

SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
AK1Functional Group Response HeaderHM011
AK2Transaction Set Response HeaderHO012
SPESecurity Protocol ErrorHO013
APEAssurance Protocol ErrorHO014
S4AAssurance Header Level 2HO215
SVASecurity ValueHO016

SegmentElementDescriptionReqMin LengthMax LengthType
AK11Functional Identifier CodeM22ID
AK12Group Control NumberM19N0
AK13Version / Release / Industry Identifier CodeO112AN
AK21Transaction Set Identifier CodeM33ID
AK22Transaction Set Control NumberM49AN
AK23Implementation Convention ReferenceO135AN
SPE1Security Originator NameM164AN
SPE2Security Recipient NameM164AN
SPE3Security Type CodeM22ID
SPE4Security Or Assurance Protocol Error CodeM12ID
APE1Business Purpose Of AssuranceM33ID
APE2Domain Of Computation Of AssuranceM12ID
APE3Security Or Assurance Protocol Error CodeM12ID
APE4Assurance OriginatorO164AN
APE5Assurance RecipientO164AN
S4A1Security Version/Release Identifier CodeM66ID
S4A2Business Purpose Of AssuranceM33ID
S4A3Assurance AlgorithmM33ID
S4A4Hashing AlgorithmM33ID
S4A5Domain Of Computation Of AssuranceM12ID
S4A6Assurance OriginatorO164AN
S4A7Assurance RecipientO164AN
S4A8Assurance Reference NumberO135AN
S4A9Date Time StampO1725AN
S4A10Assurance TextO164AN
S4A11Look-Up Value Protocol CodeO22ID
S4A12Filter Id CodeO33ID
S4A13Version IdentifierO130AN
S4A14Look-Up ValueO14096AN
S4A15Look-Up Value Protocol CodeO22ID
S4A16Filter Id CodeO33ID
S4A17Version IdentifierO130AN
S4A18Look-Up ValueO14096AN
S4A19Look-Up Value Protocol CodeO22ID
S4A20Filter Id CodeO33ID
S4A21Version IdentifierO130AN
S4A22Look-Up ValueO14096AN
S4A23Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A24Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A25Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A26Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A27Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A28Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A29Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A30Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A31Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A32Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A33Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A34Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A35Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A36Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A37Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A38Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A39Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A40Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
S4A41Assurance Token Parameter CodeO22ID
S4A42Assurance Token Parameter ValueO164AN
SVA1Filter Id CodeM33ID
SVA2Version IdentifierM130AN
SVA3Security Value QualifierM33ID
SVA4Encoded Security ValueM14096AN

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