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The Fisher Scientific EDI program trades the 810 Invoice, 850 Purchase Order (PO), 855 PO Acknowledgment, 856 Shipping Notice (ASN), and the 997 FA. Below you will find these mapping guidelines, as well as their EDI standards definition.

If you have a Fisher Scientific transaction and you cannot read the EDI format, try the Online Translation tool. The tool will translate any Fisher Scientific EDI transaction set into a CSV spreadsheet. After using the tool, the spreadsheet will be emailed to you. You can also view that spreadsheet by using the Online Viewer. If you need more of an automated process, determine which EDI Solution(s) can help plug your EDI data into your back office systems automatically.

Fisher Scientific Mapping Specifications and Implementation Guidelines
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EDI StandardView DocumentDocument Description
About 810sGuideline810 Invoice 4010
About 810sGuideline810 Invoice 4010 (February 1999)
About 850sGuideline850 Purchase Order 4010
About 850sGuideline850 Purchase Order 4010 (February 1999)
About 855sGuideline855 PO Acknowledgement 4010
About 856sGuideline856 ASN Ship Notice/Manifest 4010 (February 2001)
About 856sGuideline856 ASN Ship Notice/Manifest 4010 (February)

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