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EDI 852 POS852, the Product Activity Data document, is a message format standard used by retailers to transmit point of sale data to suppliers via electronic data interchange. These files instruct a supplier on the units sold and units on hand at a store and item level. 852 files are typically provided on a daily or weekly basis. These files are usually referred to as "product activity data." The Data Interchange Standards Association provides detailed specifications for EDI documents and helps to control international standards.

Because EDI 852 documents are at an UPC level data files they are usually large files with many records. After extracting the data from the .edi format a relational database is often required to provide the business analyst with the ability to report on the data. Alternatives to building an in-house database are to purchase a packaged DSR and BI application or use a third party service company to report on the data.

852 files vary by implementation but typically contain the following information:

For each item
- Item description
- Item UPC

Data can be summarized by:
- Store
- Distribution center

Key product activity measures
- Quantity sold ($)
- Quantity sold (units)
- Quantity on hand ($)
- Quantity on hand (units)
- Quantity on order ($)
- Quantity on order (units)
- Quantity received ($)
- Quantity received (units)

Key forecast measures - Quantity ($)
- Quantity (units)

Key metrics which can be calculated to evaluate performance against goal
- Days supply
- Weeks supply
- Sell-thru percentage (%)
- Sales to forecast variance
- Month to date (MTD) sales
- Quarter to date (QTD) sales
- Year to date (YTD) sales
- This month vs. last month
- This quarter vs. last quarter
- This year vs. last year

Source: Wikipedia

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