Transaction Sets of EDI

List of Set Ids 2

List of EDI Transaction Sets (second)Mortgage Series (MOR)

197 Real Estate Title Evidence
198 Loan Verification Information
199 Real Estate Settlement Information
200 Mortgage Credit Report
201 Residential Loan Application
202 Secondary Mortgage Market Loan Delivery
203 Secondary Mortgage Market Investor Report
205 Mortgage Note
206 Real Estate Inspection
260 Application for Mortgage Insurance Benefits
261 Real Estate Information Request
262 Real Estate Information Report
263 Residential Mortgage Insurance Application Response
264 Mortgage Loan Default Status
265 Real Estate Title Insurance Services Order
266 Mortgage or Property Record Change Notification
833 Mortgage Credit Report Order
872 Residential Mortgage Insurance Application

Product Services Series (PSS)

140 Product Registration
141 Product Service Claim Response
142 Product Service Claim
143 Product Service Notification
180 Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification
244 Product Source Information
889 Promotion Announcement

Quality and Safety Series (QSS)

138 Testing Results Request and Report
249 Animal Toxicological Data
285 Commercial Vehicle Safety and Credentials Information Exchange
286 Commercial Vehicle Credentials
842 Nonconformance Report
848 Material Safety Data Sheet
863 Report of Test Results

Student Information Series (STU)

130 Student Educational Record (Transcript)
131 Student Educational Record (Transcript) Acknowledgment
135 Student Loan Application
139 Student Loan Guarantee Result
144 Student Loan Transfer and Status Verification
146 Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript)
147 Response to Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript)
188 Educational Course Inventory
189 Application for Admission to Educational Institutions
190 Student Enrollment Verification
191 Student Loan Pre-Claims and Claims
194 Grant or Assistance Application


Air and Motor Series (TAM)

104 Air Shipment Information
106 Motor Carrier Rate Proposal
107 Request for Motor Carrier Rate Proposal
108 Response to a Motor Carrier Rate Proposal
110 Air Freight Details and Invoice
204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
212 Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest
213 Motor Carrier Shipment Status Inquiry
214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
215 Motor Carrier Pick-up Manifest
216 Motor Carrier Shipment Pick-up Notification
217 Motor Carrier Loading and Route Guide
218 Motor Carrier Tariff Information
240 Motor Carrier Package Status
250 Purchase Order Shipment Management Document
251 Pricing Support
601 U.S. Customs Export Shipment Information
602 Transportation Services Tender
715 Intermodal Group Loading Plan
920 Loss or Damage Claim - General Commodities
990 Confirm that you receive the 204

Ocean Series (TOS)

109 Vessel Content Details
300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean)
301 Confirmation (Ocean)
303 Booking Cancellation (Ocean)
304 Shipping Instructions
309 U.S. Customs Manifest
310 Freight Receipt and Invoice (Ocean)
311 Canadian Customs Information
312 Arrival Notice (Ocean)
313 Shipment Status Inquiry (Ocean)
315 Status Details (Ocean)
317 Delivery/Pickup Order
319 Terminal Information
322 Terminal Operations and Intermodal Ramp Activity
323 Vessel Schedule and Itinerary (Ocean)
324 Vessel Stow Plan (Ocean)
325 Consolidation of Goods In Container
326 Consignment Summary List
350 U.S. Customs Status Information
352 U.S. Customs Carrier General Order Status
353 U.S. Customs Events Advisory Details
354 U.S. Customs Automated Manifest Archive Status
355 U.S. Customs Acceptance/Rejection
356 U.S. Customs Permit to Transfer Request
357 U.S. Customs In-Bond Information
358 U.S. Customs Consist Information
361 Carrier Interchange Agreement (Ocean)

Rail Series (TRS)

161 Train Sheet
404 Rail Carrier Shipment Information
410 Rail Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
412 Trailer or Container Repair Billing
414 Rail Carhire Settlements
417 Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange
418 Rail Advance Interchange Consist
419 Advance Car Disposition
420 Car Handling Information
421 Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
422 Shipper's Car Order
423 Rail Industrial Switch List
425 Rail Waybill Request
426 Rail Revenue Waybill
429 Railroad Retirement Activity
431 Railroad Station Master File
432 Rail Deprescription
433 Railroad Reciprocal Switch File
434 Railroad Mark Register Update Activity
435 Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) Master
436 Locomotive Information
437 Railroad Junctions and Interchanges Activity
440 Shipment Weights
451 Railroad Event Report
452 Railroad Problem Log Inquiry or Advice
453 Railroad Service Commitment Advice
455 Railroad Parameter Trace Registration
456 Railroad Equipment Inquiry or Advice
460 Railroad Price Distribution Request or Response
463 Rail Rate Reply
466 Rate Request
468 Rate Docket Journal Log
470 Railroad Clearance
475 Rail Route File Maintenance
485 Ratemaking Action
486 Rate Docket Expiration
490 Rate Group Definition
492 Miscellaneous Rates
494 Rail Scale Rates

Automotive Series (TAS)

120 Vehicle Shipping Order
121 Vehicle Service
124 Vehicle Damage
125 Multilevel Railcar Load Details
126 Vehicle Application Advice
127 Vehicle Baying Order
128 Dealer Information
129 Vehicle Carrier Rate Update
160 Transportation Automatic Equipment Identification
169 Transportation Appointment Schedule Information

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