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EDI Reference Guides and Startup Solutions

The website is an informational site to learn about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Based on your research of the transaction sets and the trading partner guidelines, you can choose an EDI Solution which will meet your company's needs.

EDI Made Easy

The EDI Knowledge Base contains reference materials, blogs and news. Educate yourself with the history of EDI and the industry standard terminology.  With this information, you can begin making choices about how an EDI solution can help your company.

The EDI section lists the trading partners which exchange via the EDI Standards.  It also lists which transaction sets they trade and their implementation guidelines.  Familiarize yourself with the organizations your company trades EDI with by researching their EDI document types.

There are many EDI Industry Solutions to choose from. Research for yourself the best solution for your company.  There are solutions for electronic communications (EDI VAN) with your trading partners; outsourcing your translation process; web based EDI processing; and more.

Our EDI Services feature EDI tools, online assistance for Q&A and contractor resumes.

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