The EDI 315 Status Details (Ocean) Transaction Set Segments and Elements

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommitteeStandard
ANSI315QOStatus Details (Ocean) TransportationDownload

Official Definition:
Data contents of the Status Details (Ocean) Transaction Set (315) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange environment. The transaction set can be used to provide all the information necessary to report status or event details for selected shipments or containers. It is intended to accommodate the details for one status or event associated with many shipments or containers, as well as more than one status or event for one shipment or container. This page only contains a small portion of the Agencies standard for research purposes. If you need the complete standard guideline, it can be checked-out using the above 'download' link.

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 SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
ViewB4Beginning Segment For Inquiry Or ReplyHM011
ViewN9Extended Reference InformationHO0302
ViewQ2Status Details (Ocean)HO013
ViewSGShipment StatusHO0154
ViewR4Port Or TerminalHM2015
ViewDTMDate/Time ReferenceHO0156
ViewV9Event DetailHO0107

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