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The EDI 315 Status Details (Ocean) Transaction Set

Standard:    ANSI ASC X12 315  :  Subcommittee X12M  :  Functional Group Id=NL

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Convert an EDI 315 to Excel CSV file

Official Definition:
Data contents of the Status Details (Ocean) Transaction Set (315) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment.

The transaction set can be used to provide all the information necessary to report status or event details for selected shipments or containers. It is intended to accommodate the details for one status or event associated with many shipments or containers, as well as more than one status or event for one shipment or container.

Below you will find two columns of data.
The left side contains a list of trading partners that trade this transaction set. The right side contains their Implementation Guides (IG).

By clicking on one of the trading partners (left side), you will be presented with that trading partners EDI Specifications, their Set Ids and their enveloping.

The IGs (right side) contain a lot more information about this transaction set. They could contain sample data, qualifiers and contact information.

EDI 315
Trading Partners
EDI 315
Mapping Specs

Ocean Guidelines
Mervyns: 315 Status Details (Ocean) 4020
Ocean Guidelines: 315 Status Details 4010 and Sample Data
Ocean Guidelines: 315 Status Details Carrier/Terminal 4010 and Sample Data

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