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The EDI 830 Forecast Planning Schedule Transaction Set

Official Definition:
ANSI X12 830
Functional Group Id=PS

Data contents of the Planning Schedule with Release Capability Transaction Set (830) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment.

The transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business practice relative to the transfer of forecasting/material release information between organizations. The planning schedule transaction may be used in various ways or in a combination of ways, such as: (1) a simple forecast; (2) a forecast with the buyer's authorization for the seller to commit to resources, such as labor or material; (3) a forecast that is also used as an order release mechanism, containing such elements as resource authorizations, period-to-date cumulative quantities, and specific ship/delivery patterns for requirements that have been represented in "buckets," such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The order release forecast may also contain all data related to purchase orders, as required, because the order release capability eliminates the need for discrete generation of purchase orders.

Below you will find two columns of data.
The left side contains a list of trading partners that trade this transaction set. The right side contains their Implementation Guides (IG).

By clicking on one of the trading partners (left side), you will be presented with that trading partners EDI Specifications, their Set Ids and their enveloping.

The IGs (right side) contain a lot more information about this transaction set. They could contain sample data, qualifiers and contact information.

EDI 830
Trading Partners
EDI 830
Mapping Specs

Circuit City
Fred Meyers
JC Penney
Kay Bee Toys
Rite Aid
3M: 830 Forecast and Planning 4010
Canadian Tire Corp: 830 Planning Schedule & Forecast 4010
Caterpillar: 830 Material Release to Suppliers Version 2003
Circuit City: 830 Forecast 4010
Circuit City: 830 Forecast and Planning
Ford: 830 Material Release 2001FORD
Fred Meyers: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability 4010
JC Penney: 830 Planning Schedule 4030
Kay Bee Toys: 830 Material Release 4010 (April 2004)
Kay Bee Toys: 830 Material Release 4010 (December 2006)
Loblaw: 830 Forecast 4010VICS
Nacco: 830 Forecast 4010
Navistar: 830 Material Release 4010 (September 2009)
Navistar: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability (October 2009)
Navistar: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability 2040
Navistar: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability 4010
Rite Aid: 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability 4010
Sears: 830 Forecast and Planning 4010
Whirlpool: 830 Forecast and Planning 3010

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