The EDI 830 Planning Schedule With Release Capability Transaction Set Segments and Elements

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommitteeStandard
ANSI830PSPlanning Schedule With Release Capability Supply ChainDownload

Official Definition:
Data contents of the Planning Schedule with Release Capability Transaction Set (830) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange environment. The transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business practice relative to the transfer of forecasting/material release information between organizations. The planning schedule transaction may be used in various ways or in a combination of ways, such as: (1) a simple forecast; (2) a forecast with the buyer's authorization for the seller to commit to resources, such as labor or material; (3) a forecast that is also used as an order release mechanism, containing such elements as resource authorizations, period-to-date cumulative quantities, and specific ship/delivery patterns for requirements that have been represented in "buckets," such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The order release forecast may also contain all data related to purchase orders, as required, because the order release capability eliminates the need for discrete generation of purchase orders. This page only contains a small portion of the Agencies standard for research purposes. If you need the complete standard guideline, it can be checked-out using the above 'download' link.

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 SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
ViewBFRBeginning Segment For Planning ScheduleHM011
ViewXPOPreassigned Purchase Order NumbersHO09999992
ViewREFReference InformationHO0124
ViewPERAdministrative Communications ContactHO035
ViewTAXTax ReferenceHO036
ViewFOBF.O.B. Related InstructionsHO017
ViewCTPPricing InformationHO0258
ViewSACService, Promotion, Allowance, Or Charge InformationHO0259
ViewCSHSales RequirementsHO0110
ViewITDTerms Of Sale/Deferred Terms Of SaleHO0211
ViewDTMDate/Time ReferenceHO01012
ViewPIDProduct/Item DescriptionHO020013
ViewPKGMarking, Packaging, LoadingHO02516
ViewTD1Carrier Details (Quantity And Weight)HO0217
ViewTD5Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)HO01218
ViewTD3Carrier Details (Equipment)HO01219
ViewTD4Carrier Details (Special Handling Or Hazardous Materials Or Both)HO0520
ViewMANMarks And Numbers InformationHO01021
ViewN1Party IdentificationHO200122
ViewN2Additional Name InformationHO0223
ViewN3Party LocationHO0224
ViewN4Geographic LocationHO0125
ViewREFReference InformationHO01226
ViewPERAdministrative Communications ContactHO0327
ViewFOBF.O.B. Related InstructionsHO0128
ViewLMCode Source InformationHO999999129
ViewLQIndustry Code IdentificationHM010030
ViewLINItem IdentificationDM999999131
ViewUITUnit DetailDO0132
ViewDTMDate/Time ReferenceDO01033
ViewPO3Additional Item DetailDO02535
ViewCTPPricing InformationDO02536
ViewPIDProduct/Item DescriptionDO0100037
ViewPKGMarking, Packaging, LoadingDO02540
ViewPO4Item Physical DetailsDO0141
ViewPRSPart Release StatusDO0142
ViewREFReference InformationDO01243
ViewPERAdministrative Communications ContactDO0344
ViewSACService, Promotion, Allowance, Or Charge InformationDO02545
ViewITDTerms Of Sale/Deferred Terms Of SaleDO0246
ViewTAXTax ReferenceDO0347
ViewFOBF.O.B. Related InstructionsDO0148
ViewLDTLead TimeDO01249
ViewQTYQuantity InformationDO099999950
ViewATHResource AuthorizationDO02051
ViewTD1Carrier Details (Quantity And Weight)DO0152
ViewTD5Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)DO01253
ViewTD3Carrier Details (Equipment)DO01254
ViewTD4Carrier Details (Special Handling Or Hazardous Materials Or Both)DO0555
ViewMANMarks And Numbers InformationDO01056
ViewDDDemand DetailDO01057
ViewSLNSubline Item DetailDO100158
ViewPIDProduct/Item DescriptionDO0100059
ViewNM1Individual Or Organizational NameDO01060
ViewN1Party IdentificationDO200161
ViewN2Additional Name InformationDO0262
ViewN3Party LocationDO0263
ViewN4Geographic LocationDO0164
ViewREFReference InformationDO01265
ViewPERAdministrative Communications ContactDO0366
ViewFOBF.O.B. Related InstructionsDO0167
ViewLMCode Source InformationDO999999168
ViewLQIndustry Code IdentificationDM010069
ViewFSTForecast ScheduleDO999999170
ViewQTYQuantity InformationDO099999971
ViewSDQDestination QuantityDO05072
ViewLMCode Source InformationDO999999173
ViewLQIndustry Code IdentificationDM010074
ViewSDPShip/Delivery PatternDO260175
ViewFSTForecast ScheduleDO026076
ViewSHPShipped/Received InformationDO25177
ViewREFReference InformationDO0578
ViewCTTTransaction TotalsSO0179

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