EDI BAPLIE Bayplan/Stowage Plan Occupied And Empty Locations M Document Solutions

AgencySet IDFGTransaction DescriptionSubcommitteeStandard
UN/EDIFACTBAPLIE Bayplan/Stowage Plan Occupied And Empty Locations M Download

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Research and Development:
The Jobisez.com site has an online translation tool that converts the EDI BAPLIE (Bayplan/Stowage Plan Occupied And Empty Locations M) document into a CSV file. For more detailed information, you can view a sample EDI BAPLIE document by analyzing a transaction set example. You can also gain knowledge by researching all EDI document types. Jobisez LLC can also provide assistance if you need additional help.

Are you looking to trade the EDI BAPLIE transaction with one of your trading partners? Do you need an EDI VAN Savings solution to exchange the BAPLIE? Or perhaps you would like to use a Cloud-Based application, so you can plug your BAPLIE transaction directly into your ERP and TMS systems. Even small companies have the ability to trade the EDI BAPLIE by using the EDI Mobile Device solution.

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 SegmentDescriptionSectReqMax LoopMax UsagePos
ViewBGMBeginning Of MessageHM011
ViewNADName And AddressHC915
ViewCTAContact InformationHC916
ViewCOMCommunication ContactHC097
ViewTDTDetails Of TransportHM318
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHM029
ViewFTXFree TextHC0112
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC9999113
ViewGIDGoods Item DetailsHC0114
ViewGDSNature Of CargoHC0115
ViewFTXFree TextHC0916
ViewRNGRange DetailsHC0120
ViewLOCPlace/Location IdentificationHC0921
ViewEQDEquipment DetailsHC3123
ViewEQAAttached EquipmentHC0924
ViewNADName And AddressHC0925
ViewDGSDangerous GoodsHC999127
ViewFTXFree TextHC0128

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